So any true geek would have heard about the new Star Wars Trailer that was released yesterday in the US. I know a lot has been joked about the fact that Disney is now involved….to say the least. But lookig at the trailer, neither Arial or Lumiere popped up for a cameo, so I’m happy!! Can’t wait for the real thing to be released. Might … Continue reading STAR WARS – THE FORCE AWAKENS


  I’ve yet to make the leap into the new consoles, but Batman: Arkham Knightis a major incentive for me to make the jump. It’s been five months since we last saw anything from the game, which is why I’m particularly excited for this new gameplay trailer. The video shows Batman infiltrating Ace Chemicals, gives a bit of the plot, and shows off come amazing graphics. … Continue reading BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT GAMEPLAY TRAILER

DIE BALSAK – Boks vs Wales

Daar het nie veel gebeur die week wat sport aanbetref nie so ons spring maar dadelik weg met die Rugby…. Saterdag: Wallis tn Suid Afrika 16:30 Dis die laaste week van Internasional Rugby en ek hoop nie ons gaan teleurgesteld wees nie. Die Springbokke pak die Walliese op die “Millenium Stadium”… En dis heel toevallig dat dit min of meer wanneer laas hulle ‘n wen … Continue reading DIE BALSAK – Boks vs Wales

THE FINE LEG – Phil Hughes 63*

Hi All, I was wandering through the interweb and stumbled upop this very well written tribute to Phil Hughes that was published in the Austrailian yesterday. I’m not going to post the whole article but here is a very moving extract….   “BOY WONDER WHO NEVER ADMITTED DEFEAT: Phillip Joel Hughes remains 63no and one of the most exciting talents to enter and exit Australian cricket. … Continue reading THE FINE LEG – Phil Hughes 63*