THE FINE LEG – Holiday News

So, we SA supporters are sitting and waiting for some cricket to take place that gives us the necessary excitement that lets our heart race and give us the urge to throw our remotes at the TV. But in the mean time it has given us time to have look at the opposition, so let’s talk about it.

First of all our thoughts go out to the friends and family of Phil Hughes and Sean Abbot. I am sure Phil is still not out and batting like a champion. To Sean, buddy, sometimes shit happens and you don’t have any control over it. Don’t let this get you down for to long and come back with bang. In the same breath our thoughts are with the families of Hillel Oscar, the umpire who died while umpiring a match between two local teams in the coastal city of Ashdod, Israel. The cricketing-world has been shaken this week but certainly not stirred.

While the world is mourning, the Black Caps mourned the pants off the Pakistanis. Brendon and his men were inspired by Phil and Dan the Man Vetorri who is playing his last test. 1135 balls were bowled and not one bouncer was bowled by the Islanders. They didn’t really celebrate any milestones like wickets or batting achievements either. Beating the Pakies by an innings and 80 runs was definitely something no-one saw coming. Maybe the Black Caps must get something to play for every time because damn, when inspired there is no stopping them.

In some great news the “World team”, based in the UK, are looking less threatening than AB with a 90 over old ball in hand running in on the Wanderers. The first ODI was close but the second was a one sided affair that made the Sri-Lankans dance in the aisles. The rest of the series I think will also go the way of the Lankans due to the English having problems with balance, even more so than our boys. The Lankans have great experience and also look threatening for the world cup but the quick bouncing ball should be their downfall. They haven’t played outside the subcontinent in a while. While on this topic… who organizes a cricket tour in Sri-Lanka during the monsoon season? Idiots! Go play in England during winter, you will play more cricket.
Bangladesh and Zimbabwe… yawn!!
It is such a shame that the first test between the Currie muncher’s and the Wallaby nibblers is postponed to next week Tuesday due to the funeral of Hughes but we understand and support the decision fully. I feel a bit giddy as a school kid before Christmas about this series. Its going to be a cracker! Only problem is that this gives the Indians a heads up on the World Cup and prepares them for the environment they will be playing in… dammit. This gives me as a SA supporter a bit of a feeling like, a f#%@. They are good as it is and now they are going to prepare properly for the tournament as well. Damn world powers of cricket are definitely being run by these Indians and Auzies. No wonder they win world cups and series after series with years of depth in their squads. They are being pulled ahead and definitely teacher’s pet being placed in the shade while the rest of us are working in the sun and struggling to keep up. But what can we do?
I really hope our injuries are being treated and let the boys rest and prepare physically for the cricket to come. This is a problem with our injury list as long as the Auzie batting line-up. We can only hope and pray things will get better.
Keep those beers cold and remember the sunscreen while lying in the pool during this short break.
The Naaige


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