So I personally am really sick and tired of the whole Sony Hacked by North Korea thing, because everybody seems to be making more of the fact that James Franco and Seth Rogen’s new movie isn’t getting released, than the Sony employee’s personal infomation being for sale tothe highest bidder. It might be because I am not from the US of A. But I mean if you get a threat of homicidal kind, and if the only thing you have to do is not press pay on your DVD player… That is not such a difficult decision.

But one good thing that has come of this, for me at least are the leaked Sony Xperia Z4 images. With CES 2015 only a few weeks away and Sony’s usually on a six month cycle we should be seeing their flagship phone in the near future anyway.

Ever since Sony released the K700i I was a fan of their phones, and quickly moved on to the W880i. Granted we didn’t have a lot to choose from in 2003 but still, I liked the look and feel and all the cool stuff.

So I was very glad when Sony announced their return to the smartphone market back in 2008 with the X1, only to be utterly disappointed with a very inferior product. It was sad to see that they sort of just wanted to get a product out there, but did not do themselves any favors. So I’ve been following their hardware releases closely, just hoping to find that one piece that will put them back in the market as a serious contender.

Now I know this is not much to go on but along with the Emails and movie, the hackers also got there hands on a pic of the new Z4 as well as a rendering of some basic specs. Some speculate it has something to do with Sony Pictured tie with the upcoming James Bond film, Spectre.  I’ve still got of hope in the Sony that I once knew to get back to the cool, funky and cool phones that I grew up to know and love.

Here’s the pics below:

z4-spectre-2 z4-spectre-3 z4-spectre-1


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