The Fine Leg – A Quick Boxing Day Preview

So here we are. Words were said and what was expected happened. The South Africans showed the Windies what it is to play test cricket although injury plagued them and the Indians have no answer to Mitchell and Steve who is dominating the series.

What to look forward to then? A young Riley looks to makes his debut for the Proteas, hopefully his start to tests will be better than his ODI start. A dominant batting and bouling performance from the Proteas is also a great treat. Maybe someone from the Windies will give us a great cameo but further I can’t see anything from their side. I like the look of Stian, he looks good but a flaw on the front foot with the fuller ball seems a weakness. Then the Steyn-remover! Nough said!

I am a South African and I don’t like the Auzies but Steve I enjoy to watch bat. I don’t think anyone in world cricket has the form this guy has at the moment. I am struggling to see the Indians coming back into this series except if the injuries continue to plague the men from down under and the C team has to make an appearance. That’s the only way I see them getting back into series, playing against the C-team.

My prediction is both big wins for the SA boys and Auzies. No chance for the opposition if fitness keeps going for the home teams.

Keep your bats dry on the sand at the beach and your beers cold gentleman!

The Naaige


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