In about October of this year I started watching Orphan Black. Mostly because I’ve heard good things about it, it has a decent rating on IMDB but mostly because I was bored out of my mind, there’s a hot girl in the lead and I had nothing else to watch. So going into it without knowing what it’s about I was not unimpressed and dare I say, and I have a few mates that will hang me for this but…..It’s not too shit!


So not a lot has gone right for Sarah after she found out she’s a clone. Well one of many clones apparently, and as custom the end of Season two left us on a bombshell with the introduction of Mark….(I’ll leave it up to you to find out who or what Mark is) I am actually intrigued to see what happens to Sarah, Casima, Helena, and the house wifey one who’s name I can’t remember now…

Sidenote: I baffles me how one actress can stay in so many characters and not get weird when the cameras stop rolling….

Aaaanyway………Here is the promo for Season 3 that starts April 18th


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