In a time where Hollywood has fired anyone with an original idea….and by original I don’t mean the FIRST guy to think of another remake or sequel to an all ready worn out franchise…. I was very excited when Penny Dreadful popped on my radar last year.

For the uninformed, A penny Dreadful refers to a 19th century publication with dark ominous tales that was released every week for only a penny.  And that’s sort of the premise of the show where Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) and her “crew” take on the Supernatural in 19th Century Europe…

I must say the show had me feeling a bit like a drug addict in the way that it seemed that every second episode would take the pace of the show way down and it would feel that the episode would never end, and then the next episode would keep you on the edge of your seat… Nevertheless I will be keeping an eye on the release of the first episode…



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