When the 3Doodler appeared a couple of years ago it ended up being one of the most funded projects on Kickstarter for that year. The idea behind it was brilliant. A 3d printer in the palm of you hand. No computers. No programming. No problem.

Unfortunately I am one of those people that will probably use my first batch of plastic to try and make the perfect cube and then I’d have to take a nap, but to the well trained and patient guys and galls the options are endless. From remote controlled airplanes to dresses, I’m in awe of what other grown ups are capable of doing…

So WobbleWorks have launched their next generation version and it looks awesome. Not only have they reduces the size to 1/4 of the first pen, they made it quiter, the heat adjustable which impacts the flow of plastic as well as a portable battery pack. And for the creatively handicapped, like your truly, they are adding a bunch of stencils that you can use to create your own Eiffel Tower…


They are once again breaking funding records with their requested $30 000 reached in 16minutes. And at the time of publishing this post they had passed $1mil with 9 days of funding still to go… Don’t miss out on getting yours!!





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