Being from sunny South Africa we weren’t raised with NERF Toys as kids from the US and Australia. That said we weren’t raised with Lions and Giraffes either….

But seeing these toys in movies always made me so jealous…. Okay, I take that back. Seeing these toys in movies STILL make me so jealous! The good thing about the 21st Century is that we have slowly but surely been able to get our hands on these toys for a couple of years now and they just keep getting better.

NERF’s latest awesome creation looks as amazing at it’s name. the Zombie Strike Doominator looks like a M23 Granade Launcher and is sure to put fear in the hearts and eyes of all who appose you. Living or Dead….Zombie_Strike_Doominator-615x268


To see some of their other cool gear have a look at Nerdist Christmas Wishlist for 2014. And just because Christmas is over does not mean you don’t have to buy you kid….or Husband or Boyfriend the weapon he deserves….. Because he might not be the hero your street needs right now, but he is the one that playing in it when you are not home….



Source Nerdist


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