BIOLOGICAL CONCRETE – Concrete that Lives

In an ever increasing society where buildings are getting more and more, plants and trees are getting fewer and fewer some scientists have developed a type of concrete that is capable of sustaining some plant life.

The concrete is made up of 3 layers. The first layer is a water proof type of membrane that will keep unwanted moisture from getting through to the other two layers. The next layer is a biological layer that is applied on top of the water proof layer. This layer actually absorbs and retains water. The third layer is in between the first two and this is a coating that helps trap and keep water without damaging the other two layers.

The system’s advantages are numerous. The plants capture CO2 from the air and release oxygen. The layer also acts as insulation as a thermal mass. It helps regulate temperatures within the building by absorbing heat and preventing it from entering the building in hot weather or escaping the building in cold weather.

Although it is still in testing phase I can already see large skyscrapers just covered in green shrubbage, especially in the more densely built up areas like Tokyo…

green-walled-home-in-Portugal_1 18-3-201015-41-14562 1357487657--c--cowbite-375x500 dezeen_Researchers-develop-biological-concrete_3a


Source: ArchDaily


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