With the world cup around the corner we here at the fine leg thought we will have a preview of the teams we think actually stand a chance to win the cup of cups when it comes to the gentleman’s game.

Lets look at the favorites first and work our way down shall we!?


The Auzies look to be the second team ever to win the cup on home soil much like the Indians in the previous tournament four years ago. Why make the sheep tamers the favorites you ask, let’s debate this!

Well, home soil is of great advantage here with the quick and bouncy tracks first of all. The men from down under have a seam attack like none in the tournament and have shown this with series against the Indians and the now touring Poms in the tri series. Starc seems to be in form and with The Mitch waiting in the wings with young guns such as Hazelwood the Auzies don’t lack the depth as say our SA men. Heads will fly and the boundary riders will be catching the bouncers on the boundaries.

Secondly the batting in their backyard will produce amazing innings from Warner and Finch, no doubt. Mr. S. Smith and Bailey in the middle, Maxwell (if he doesn’t leave the straight one) and Faulkner to finish will be key. The others I believe will chip in here and there with Watson being the laughing stock of the Auzie newspapers as per usual.

A coach like Lehman with his experience and grit won’t let the guys lose focus. He seems to be in a good space before the battle commences on Valentine ’s Day with his troops and that is have the battle won with the prisoners of the deadliest country in the world.

I always say I support South Africa and any team playing against these guys but I have to give it to them… they look ready to go and are firm favorites (according to me). This was said in the 92’ world cup as well but then they never made it past the first round, will history repeat itself? Only time will tell!


Get ready ladies and gentlemen and start stocking the fridge with a view frosties as we have 19 days to go!

The Naaige


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