So here we go with our third installment of the fineleg world cup preview edition. And guess who is third favorite to win on our list? Yes our homegrown boerewors eaters from sub Sahara Africa. Why third my you ask, let me explain.

Let’s begin with the batting. Here I have no problem with our current lineup, the big guns look cocked and ready to fire at any time, even Miller looks the part all of a sudden with a twilight period before the ganja smokers came to our shores. Nothing like a half baked Windies team to get our confidence up and going. With match winners like AB, De Kock,The Mighty #, Faf (some people might frown and go pphh, but yes I put him in this category), Duminy and Miller we look strong with willow in hand. Men like Fudge and Rossouw can just lean back and enjoy the ride for all I care, the others are world class!

Then, and this is were the sh@t hits the fan according to me. A great four prong bowling attack BUT our fifth bowler is an issue. We have no world class all-rounder like number one and two in our previous editions. Aus have Faulkner and Anderson for the Black Caps. Hey, what about Farhaan? That question is answered with an easy, excuse me? He is the best of the worst we got right now. McLaren with mental worms and injuries, Wiese who is as up and down like a yo-yo, Morris seemed to have pissed someone off and… and, please name someone else!? Dale, Morras, Vernon and/or Abbot and/or Parnell (which I don’t back to live up to expectations) needs to take five in the first 20 for us to be in the game otherwise the last 20 might go for 250 with our amazingly horrible death bowling record. This was shown again against a Windies team, with clear issues, when they started being positive against us.

Remember, the balance of the team consists of 3 or 4 seamers then, 1 spinner or none (with 4 seamers), then the last 10 must be shared between Jaypee and Farhaan. So what happens when Morras has a shocker? Let’s be honest, he always has one in a tournament. Then AB or Faf has to role the arm over? (on my knees) Please may this never happen!! Then we have the Tahir Factor, he was very but amazingly horse crap the last time when he set foot on Auzie soil. I back Phangi to be good and play a holding role with the ball but not a wicket taker which might be the way to go.

Ok, so what is the game plan? Easy, hit 400 + each game and win with 10 runs or so. Big players are the top six batting line-up, I back us to see a 100 out one of those each game but like I explained, the bowling needs to step up big time! Morras needs to come to the party big time with whoever the spinner is on match day. If four out of our five bowlers pitch for each game the boys will bring back the trophy… but will they and will the dreadful noose evade our Protea boys during the next two months? I hope so, I dearly hope so!

Get the biltong hanging and the castles in the fridge as our batsmen will entertain and our bowlers frustrate the socks of you!

The Naaige


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