It’s the first quarter of the year where all the big tech companies bombard us with all their awesome products in order to confuse us so that we get disorientated and go to your closets store and pick the prettiest device in the window. OK, so maybe it doesn’t quite work that way but as a (part time) blogger (for now) I can’t stay ahead as everyday another company launches their latest and greatest. So to be honest, I am not trying to.

What I am doing however is trying to see what road the different powerhouses are looking to take the Smart Watches and see if this will actually be something that I would like to buy. And this made me think…hard to believe but yet it happens to be true…

Take a look at the new LG watch:

Or the new Huawei:

They all look pretty much the same and they all do pretty much the same. You can read your texts…thee words at a time. You can see your heart beating. You can see who’s calling you. Oh yeah….I almost forgot…you can see what time it is!!!

I am not yet seeing the true potential of smart watches and there two reasons for that. First reason….Battery life. The one problem with every new piece of technology that currently we do not have the energy supply to power it sufficiently. The bigger the screen, the cooler the app the more power is needed to operate it. And that forces us to have to alter our lives in order to accommodate a USB charger at work, your car, and at 3 different place in your home.

Second reason…..I get bored easily!!!!! Each release just brings us a new strap or some new watch face or app to download. But it’s still just a watch…. As things are now, or so “they” have us believe, the technology still forces the watch to need to connect to your phone. And it’s currently just a visual extension of your phones screen…on your wrist. I WANT GRAPPLING HOOKS, LASERS, BUZZ SAW FACES AND POISON DARTS, okay maybe not poison darts, BUT ALL OF THE STUFF THAT QUE WAS ABLE TO STUFF IN TO JAMES BOND’S WATCH!!!!!!


Since the first iPhone was released and Mr. Jobs took our idea of what we thought the phone should be, the world had a massive awakening and everyone realized that the phone does not need to be just to make phone calls. And from then on, that became the norm. Big touchscreen with your whole life on it. And I for one am very happy for this. And because of this I am waiting for the next big thing and I am not getting it and that makes me sad.

Okay…..So I am aware that I am asking for a lot. And that I should probably just throw my issues in the same place as my time machine and why pretty girl always go for douchy guys…But in a couple of years or so when some young, probably 14 year old kid asks for help for this amazing looking and world altering smart watch on Kickstarter, I will report about it and I will bring your attention back to this post and you will all gaze upon me as your leader…………..with a time machine………..and a hot girlfriend……..





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