THE FINELEG – World Cup Round up

So once again we here at the FineLeg would like to utter the following words… told you so! We can all agree that our top three turned out to be the top three that we discussed about a month and half ago. Damn we are good. Hope you all placed your bets.

First of all let’s give credit where “I hate you, you are too good and arrogant” is due. Congrats Asstralia. We are all so glad for you and your patriotic nation who live down under. To be honest, you guys are the best and most professional unit in the tournament. The fact that you were driven by Philly is a huge bonus and that all your games were at home with the Black Caps arriving and struggling to reach the pitch by day two also played a huge role. The comment by skipper McCullum 5h15 SA time during the toss, “yeah, we won the toss and fielding the same team BUT it doesn’t guaranty success but we will be hard to beat” made me go back to bed, these words showed the mental state of the New Zealanders was one of we made it and that’s ok. This mentality was carried into the game by most off the guys except the SA born Elliot, makes me wonder if the protea fire stretches further than the realm of our country. This shows you, our small Boer nation are hard basterds. Disappointing New Zealand, that’s all I can say, disappointing!

The greats of the game like Sangakara, de Villiers and Guptill really entertained during the tournament. With only Steve in the top ten run scorerers for the Auzies is a testament to their bowlers and player of the tournament Mitchell Starc. These are the only two in top the top ten for the men from down under, what does this mean? BALANCE my dear friends, balance!! Something a star studded team like SA did not have thus losing a few games leading up to their semi-final loss to the Black Caps. They beat the good looking Sri-Lankans but injury destroyed their dreams of going further and giving their legends Kumar and Mahela a dream exit. The Indians also never looked the part during their semi against Australia, Dhoni being run out after giving up half way was a summary of the Auzies forcing the Bollywood dreamers to lay on their backs and give up like small puppies. It is clear that the Australian juggernaut didn’t really have any competition except the amazing game played against the Black Caps in their pool B match were the New Zealanders took it by one wicket. Other surprises were men like Tahir, Riaz, Boult and Yadav who took the bowling scene by storm and aided their teams on the road to good wins. Batting wise guys like Brendan Taylor, Faf and Mahmudullah were very entertaining in the middle and made for good watching.

Dissapointments like Dale, Jimmy and Philander, Sally Broad really cost their teams dear in crucial situations which is why they never reached their dream. Batsmen like Kohli, D. Smith and Taylor didn’t deliver the goods which would help them lift the cup. You won’t find an auzie on our list of disgrace as all of them did their part, even Watto contributed to the Auz cause.

Overall I would say a disappointing world cup, but that’s just me. Why? Easy, too many one sided affairs, especially in the knock out games. One tight game out of seven! That’s really not what we as a cricket watching people want, we want a SA and NZ game every game! Yes the Irish made an upset against the struggling Windies and Zimbabwe, Afghanistan beat the Scott’s in a thriller, Bangladesh beat the Poms to send them home (poor old Poms) but otherwise big scores and scoreboard pressure ensured teams comfortable enough wins. The minnows seem to be getting their and their about but we are still left disappointed most of the time. Yes we saw two double hundreds and it seems like we might see more of them in the near future with the way some batsmen are approaching the game. Exciting times!

That’s it for now lads. Keep the beers cold and snacks fresh until the runners up reach our shores! Have a look at some special moments with thanks from our friends at cricinfo…

The Naaige


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