Minutes ago TomTom launched the all new TomTom Bandit Action Camera at the What Next media event….which makes editing and sharing videos quick and easy. Instead of spending hours downloading and sorting through footage, users can now create an exciting edit and share it within moments of the action.

Offering upto 4K footage and waterproof down to 50m this little camera is is stuffed with a Gyro, Barometer and a GPS so it knows when you are doing what and at what angle, and pairing it with your TomTom Runner watch, you’ll know how excited you are when looking at your heart rate.

The uniquely designed Batt-Stick combines the long lasting battery, microSD card and SuperSpeed USB 3.0. It plugs directly into a computer via USB to charge and download footage, removing the need for additional cables or adaptors.

However you don’t necessarily need your computer to edit you awesome footage. With the smartphone app that has a super fast viewfinder, your footage can be viewed instantly thanks to the camera’s built in media server. In editing mode, a simple shake of the smartphone instantly creates an exciting movie. Users can then easily make changes, add music and add overlays of favourite metrics, such as speed, before sharing with friends.

All of this with just a shake of you smart phone…because of all the built in goodness the camera will pick up where the most action happened and the n retrieves those highlights and shows them to you.

“We know that the biggest frustration people have with action cameras today is the time and effort it takes to edit,” says Corinne Vigreux, co-founder and managing director, TomTom Consumer. “With TomTom Bandit we’ve cut the editing time down from hours to minutes – all it takes is a shake!”

For more info check out the site:

I for one am looking forward to what else this little Bandit can do in the future so keep an eye on Rydacom and you’ll be the first to know



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