RYDACOM COOL ARTIST – Daniel Kamarudin

So the second film in the Avengers Series is currently showing and I have NOT YET seen it….and plan to do so very soon. But as you can expect there are always an artist or two that re-create this iconic characters with there own signature style.

None do it beter than Daniel Kamarudin. this guy takes cool, dark art to the next level. He has done his own renditions of The Avengers now for both movies and they are outrageously good.


the_avengers___thor_by_thedurrrrian-d55bw1h the_avengers___nick_fury_by_thedurrrrian-d551qvz the_avengers___loki_by_thedurrrrian-d52yvub the_avengers___iron_man_by_thedurrrrian-d55tn2d the_avengers___hulk_by_thedurrrrian-d53tnk5 the_avengers___hawkeye_by_thedurrrrian-d54jiwr the_avengers___captain_america_by_thedurrrrian-d53ch2c the_avengers___black_widow_by_thedurrrrian-d54t4vy





quicksilver_the_wraithbrand_by_thedurrrrian-d8pf5jj iron_man__the_sorcerer_of_snark_by_thedurrrrian-d8qiyf9 hulk_the_bloodied_titan_by_thedurrrrian-d8pk2e3 hawkeye_by_thedurrrrian-d8pw6sf captain_new_world_by_thedurrrrian-d8qa095 black_widow_by_thedurrrrian-d8q0diq almighty_thor_by_thedurrrrian-d8qerjt ultron_the_stringless_by_thedurrrrian-d8q4xv5 the_vision__knowledge_incarnate_by_thedurrrrian-d8pseji scarlet_witch_by_thedurrrrian-d8poi35




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