I WANT THAAAT!!!!! – Megabots

Since the first day my older brother introduced me to MechWarrior 2 a loooong time ago I loved the idea of someday being able to climb in one of these Ginormous mechanical monsters and walking around and basically just being bad-ass. And somehow I missed the fact that MechWarrior Online had been going strong for a few years now, but trust me, I am fixing that right now. Strolling though my favorite sites I stumbled upon this glorious piece of engineering and I might have wet my pants just a little bit. If you don’t know what a “MechWarrior” is check out the pics below…..

mechwarrior-movie WJIaM


Now that I’ve got your attention……The guys at Megabots is slowly but surely bringing my childhood dreams to life….and probably changing human kind as we know it. Before you go all weird on me..hear me out!! They are currently building these geek wet-dreams, filling them with Paintball weapons and shooting each other….FOR FUN!!! That’s right, for fun. Their idea is build these Mechs and have them fight it out in an arena style deathmatch. And by death I mean, paint covered humiliation.

Okay so besides the obvious way this will make life just that little bit better….It struck me that it will probably be a while before the world will be “war-free” and as with normal bully culture, the guy with the bigger gun get the lunch money. And if you think back to September last year, the Pentagon hired Call of Duty creator to help them think of, and plan the way wars might be done in the future. And this goes all they from social implications that might lead to war to what new modern technologies might help the US and A have the needed advantage. Talking about exo-skeletons and things of this sort of coarse… So taking this into account…here is a company that is already building these bots on the limited budget they have. Imagine what they can do with unlimited government funding in 10 years.

Below is Megabot’s promo video as well the interview the guys from TESTED.COM had with then at Maker Faire 2015 and dare to tell me that this is not the coolest thing you will see today….

screenshot10 screenshot9




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