7 DAYS IN HELL – Trailer

I’m a huuuuge fan of Andy Samberg and to be honest, as I don’t really follow SNL that much, I first saw him in HotRod and then subsequently in all the hilarious Lonely Island music vids.

Currently he’s got an ridiculously funny TV Series called Brooklyn Nine Nine, and if you haven’t seen it I really envy you, and you should do that straight away.

Now Andy’s next project is a Mockumentary on “The longest tennis match ever played”, also starring Kit Harrington (John Snow). In this film we will also find out more from Sanberg’s character was adopted by the Williams family who ten turned him into the bad boy of tennis. The short film will premier on July 11 on HBO. There are also many cameos from a bunch of different people to look forward to.

Enjoy the Trailer


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