After another 3 year, well 6 years if you weren’t a fan of their previous offering, The 2nd Law, as I know a lot of people weren’t. I actually liked some of it, but I have to say not all. Could be that I am getting to old to understand, or rather let me say appreciate DUBSTEP as much as I probably should, but I have made piece with that. So whenever I feel the urge to try and see what’s the children listen to these days I quickly get over that feeling and listen to some Beatles or Springsteen. I am not completely naive to the fact that there last album, although not MY favorite is still an amazing musical achievement. Mixing the two completely different genres I still a very complicated thing to do and I think that I anyone could do it it would be them. Probably the only other band could be Tool…(another ultimate favorite of mine)

Okay so back to the music. So it seems that they probably read the room and went back to what they know best!! I for one am ecstatic that Muse went “back” to what makes them one of my favorite bands. The sometimes complicated melodies accompanied by extremely well thought out instrumentals. IF you are a fan, you’ll definitely appreciate their latest offering and if you aren’t a fan, I think it;s high time you become one.

So to get your head banging on this Thursday I’ve decided to give you two vids. The Latest and one from the past. Please check out their YOUTUBE CHANNEL for ALL their latest sing and (lyric) vids.


Here is the single Dead Inside:

And one of my ultimate favs:


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