THE VOID – The VR Playroom We All Need

Finally a geek theme park has been created offering the ultimate fantasy first person shooting experience. And hard as it might be…(and I’m not referring to all the Geek-Boners) These guys have trumped Troy and Abed’s Inspector Spacetime VR Room. And I hope this becomes a global thing!! There is currently a room in Salt Lake City in the US and A that is lined … Continue reading THE VOID – The VR Playroom We All Need


Usually R-Rated and Animation don’t go together. that was until South Park came along and made it extremely funny!!! So I am aware I might have lost a few of you with that introduction and that is probably okay…But for the rest of you awaits a magical journey of crass comments and stopmotion animated characters using bad language. You know….Like dad used to do… From the creators … Continue reading HELL AND BACK TRAILER

I WANT THAAAT!!!!! – PE358

Firstly lets get to know the creator…..” Love Hulten is a Swedish designer, craftsman, and innovator fusing modern technology with traditional artisan knowledge, creating a unique blend of function and aesthetics. With delicate execution and mystique, Hultén aims to breathe life into objects and create unique stories, leaving the viewer in a state of curiosity and fascination. Playing with values – the social, cultural and historical relations to … Continue reading I WANT THAAAT!!!!! – PE358

HONEST TRAILER – Mad Max, Fury Road

If the reason you get paid is to tell people how bad they are….and then someone comes along that is basically perfect….it can take all the wind out of you’re sails… And that’s what happened to the guys from Screen Junkies when they attempted the honest trailer for the evil awesomeness that is: MAD MAX, FURY ROAD … They did still find a couple of good points…Good … Continue reading HONEST TRAILER – Mad Max, Fury Road


“Glen Ronald was born July 3, 1969 and was raised in Manitoba, Canada. As a small child, he drew whenever he could, and showed enough aptitude that he won regional drawing competitions. But he took another path in university, studying science. Yet the pull of art was strong, and after completing his honours microbiology degree, he went to art school. A year of study and … Continue reading RYDACOM COOL ARTIST – Glen Ronald