Thinking of getting that quote tattoo’d on me somewhere….

The smell. The taste. the Everything that is BACON!! You can add Bacon to almost anything and you won’t be disapointed…and if you don’t believe me, just do a Google Search for Bacon Flavoured Products. I rest my case…

However even with all of these products available you never get that same taste sensation that can only be captured by the real, one and only…BACON. So what is it that makes Bacon sooooo full of bacony goodness?

Well our trusted friends in the US and A, are narrowing that down as we speak, and I for one feel that there is no more important cause where that research money should go. According Guy Crosby, food scientist and science editor at America’s Test Kitchen says, as I think most of us already know, that the fat breaking down as it is being cooked is step one and that’s where they started. So obviously there are a lot of factors that lead to this, and one of the major ones are of course the pig’s diet and breed. Next is the way the meat is cured. The last major contributor to bacon’s goodness is the Maillard Reaction, which occurs when sugars and amino acids combine under high heat and which you induce whenever you toast bread or sear meat. As it happens, chocolate also owes some of its flavour to the Maillard Reaction.

This leads me seamlessly to why Bacon is actually the topic of discussion today? Well recently the oldest Woman in the world gave a small yet VERY IMPORTANT mention to this delicious yet under rated food. During being awarded her accolade from Guinness World Record Susannah Mushatt Jones was asked what was the secret to her longevity….and yes….you’ve guessed it…


According to her, it’s a combination of lots of sleep, love, positive energy…and bacon. Every morning, she has four strips of bacon with her eggs. And, according to a sign in her kitchen, “Bacon makes everything better.”

So there you have it folkes!!





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