Found this amazing Talent on Instagram and I hope you all like her as much as I do…Her stuff is available almost everywhere it should so go check out and give her a follow…





From her website: “My name is René Campbell. I am currently a 20 year old female living in Adelaide, Australia. I study Marine Biology by day, work as a bartender by night and draw anywhere and everywhere in between. Art and science are my passions, and I am glad to share that passion with you!

When I was younger, I always wanted to be an artist and follow something in the sciences. I wanted to be part of exhibitions around the world, or draw my own universes for games, movies and graphic novels. But after much thought and a struggle with my inner self, I now know that art is something I no longer wish to pursue as a career.

“Is art my thing? I sometimes wonder, and with each day I ponder more and more about art, design and illustration, and if it’s something I aspire to be. I’ve been getting into art exhibitions, magazines and posted all over the net in the past year, and yet, my thoughts on being an artist tend to dwindle with each waning day. Of course, I will never stop drawing or creating or sharing my vision and ideas with everyone, but it’s occurred to my that art is something that never really struck home. I just drew to express ideas and because I could; the whole subject of art itself actually bores me, and there’s not a day that goes past where I don’t regret studying Marine Biology or wanting to do something in the sciences. Now that, is interesting. The beauty of life, the wonder on how things work. To me, that is art in its truest and purest form. So many people expect so much of my ability, that I now expect very little of myself.

I now have the confidence to say that having my art posted in galleries around the world is something I no longer strive for. I no longer feel the need to create books, games or movies depicting my art and envisioning another world when such a fantastic world already exists around me. Art has now become my hobby. I gain no satisfaction drawing for others, and as selfish as it seems, I feel that what I create and envision is only relevant to myself. Although art will always be a part of who I am, I feel like I have come to accept what I want to do with my talent.”

Regardless, I will always draw, paint and create. I am so very grateful for the messages I’ve received from everyone and I hope to continue to aspire. If my work brings me good things, that’s fantastic. But as a word of advice, it’s okay to go against what others expect of you. Follow your heart, and your imagination.”



curiosity_by_nauvasca-d53t0h7 deception_by_renecampbellart-d7wmevg fissure_by_nauvasca-d4pbil5 peripheral_by_nauvasca-d4dsxe8 screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4 screenshot5 the_colours_fade_by_nauvasca-d6rem6d the_fabric_of_life_by_renecampbellart-d66r3ma 1601519_675246622535449_537210859_n 11755139_933138390079603_3132568532149653855_n


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