THE VOID – The VR Playroom We All Need

Finally a geek theme park has been created offering the ultimate fantasy first person shooting experience. And hard as it might be…(and I’m not referring to all the Geek-Boners) These guys have trumped Troy and Abed’s Inspector Spacetime VR Room. And I hope this becomes a global thing!!

There is currently a room in Salt Lake City in the US and A that is lined with a foamy substance that doesn’t look like much from the outside. However from the inside this room can become ANYTHING you want it to be… Once you put on your VR gear you are then part of a whole different world that lets you fiscally interact with you surroundings and not just observe them.  “I wanted to jump out of my chair and go run around,” the creator said. “I wanted to be in there, but I felt like I was separated from that world just sitting down playing a game. So I often would stand up and then I couldn’t do anything.”



Looking at the gear…Each person get a VR Visor that in future will allow up to 180 degree visibility. A Vest, with body-tracking systems that needs to know where every player is at any moment in the game. And gloves that would allow the user to feel different surfaces and textures.

AS you can imagine the computers running this would need to be better than the best as small things like, you know….If a player suddenly jumps, or sprints down a hallway, the video feed will need to keep up to preserve the reality of the experience, and prevent the player from getting nausea. But what is a little puking between mates…. Even if this still takes a while I will be one of the first to buy my ticket and kill everything I see!!!!!


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