A while back I reported on the animated stop-motion feature film Hell and Back, that is being brought to us by the creators and animators of Robot ChickenSomehow I missed the creation of a Superhero series by the same guys called SuperMansion and it looks absolutely hilarious…


According to ComingSoon: “A satire of comic book do-gooders, SuperMansion hails from creators Zeb Wells and Matthew Senreich of “Robot Chicken” fame and began life as a pilot for Adult Swim in 2013 titled “Übermansion” (which you can view here). It chronicles Titanium Rex and the rest of long-in-the-tooth hero team The League of Freedom, who all live together in the same mansion as they attempt to stay relevant in the modern world.”

From Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, SuperMansion is executive produced by Seth Green, John Harvatine IV, Eric Towner and Bryan Cranston, the latter of whom is also developing the black & white detective show parody “Tightrope” for Crackle, which is Sony’s digital entertainment platform.

Guest stars on SuperMansion include Chris Pine, Ron Perlman, Donald Faison, Jordan Peele, Nick Kroll, Anton Yelchin, Famke Janssen, Breckin Meyer and more. Look for the series to premiere on Crackle October 8.

Along with the Trailer here are some character posters and a small description of the main characters for you to look at…

I can’t wait for this to launch as I am alerady on my third round of Robot Chicken binge watch sessions..


Titanium Rex (voiced by Bryan Cranston)
Age: Yes
Powers: Flight, Strength of a Titan, X-Ray Vision
Specialty: Close to learning email











Brad (voiced by Tom Root)
Age: 43
Powers: Incredible strength, augmented musculature, invulnerability, superhuman lung capacity
Specialty: Taking one day at a time. While high.











Cooch (voiced by Heidi Lynn Gardner)
Age: 25
Powers: Super-human speed and agility. Razor sharp claws.
Specialty: Using a toilet. Most of the time.












American Ranger (voiced by Keegan-Michael Key)
Age: 22
Powers: Wings for flight, an eagle eye for spotting trouble and a beacon of the American Dream. He’s also skilled in traditional soldiery combat and peeling potatoes.
Specialty: Finding a way to perform in bed with his 90 year old wife.











Black Saturn (voiced by Tucker Gilmore)
Age: 28
Powers: Never misses with his assortment of throwing disks
Specialty: Brooding. Bleakness. Frisbee Golf












Robobot (voiced by Zeb Wells)
Age: N/A
Powers: A robot with the ability to transform his appendages into any tool.
Specialty: Pondering what it means to be human.













Source: GeekTyrant


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