So while the rest of us have to build the economy there are some people that have done things right and decided that the rat race and the 9-5 is not for them…And I envy these people sooooo much….

Take Jenna and Guillaume. One is a writer and the other a photographer…(insert cheesy 80’s sitcom jingle here). Being burdened by student loans and various other debts they decide they had enough and went on, what I think is an amazing journey… A couple of years ago they quit their jobs sold what they can and built a tiny house that they can take around America and blog about it…GENIUS!!

In Jenna’s own words: “We began our tiny house build with zero construction experience and a “we’ll learn as we go” attitude. What we didn’t realize was that we weren’t just building a home, we were also challenging ourselves to rethink the idea of “home” altogether. After dozens of mistakes, life lessons and a brutal downsize, we hit the road with our one-of-a-kind tiny house on wheels! Six months and 10,000 miles later, our tiny abode has taken us on a wild adventure. Along the way, we’ve met numerous like-minded people who build and reside in small structures such as: tiny homes, tree houses, yurts, homemade house boats, etc. Guillaume photographs these alternative lifestyle pioneers in their innovative dwellings, while I write down their stories.”

Although the idea was not originally theirs they did make it their own. There are some ridiculously cool “Tiny Houses” out there and I just love the idea of getting everything you need while taking as little as possible. This just sounds like one amazing way of spending your life and I am really starting to re-evaluate my role in this universe.

You can follow Jenna and Guillaume’s breath taking journey here: tinyhousegiantjourney.com  as well as some of the intricate designs of some of these ohter “tiny house” dwellers


Bernadette downsized to a whimsical 172 sq ft tiny home in Maryland

Lina’s Oregon tiny home is only 100 sq ft

Source: nichedesignbuild.com

Art parks his 117 sq ft tiny home behind his rock climbing gym in Louisiana

Brittany built her charming 130 sq ft tiny home in Washington after seeing small homes overseas

Vina’s 140 sq ft Califrornia home is completely off-grid


Nomadic John built his house on top of an antique firetruck


Laura & Matt’s 120 sq ft tiny house sits on a mountain in North Carolina



Source: BoredPanda



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