I haven’t been keeping an eye on the new movies lately and this meant that I missed the first trailer for the Peanuts movie trailers. So I was VERY glad I actually took the time to watch the latest one. I was pleasantly surprised as I though it would be poorly done the the movie plot would be badly thought out….but this was not the case!!

It really looks like a very charming movie that is going to give all the die hard fans exactly what they want. The voice actors were very well cast, mostly because there was no way they could use well known actors and THAT IS PERFECT as it really does bring the characters to life!!! I feel that they got all the guys just right. There is nothing I hate more that hearing an actors voice and then seeing his/her face through the whole animated movie.

Look out fir the November 6 release and enjoy the second trailer… You won’t be disspointed…


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