Our brains and our hearts have a very interesting relationship, and it is their crazy back-and-forth that Nick Seluk, the artist behind the popular Awkward Yeti webcomic (which also had these wonderful comics on depression), plays upon with his Heart And Brain comic series.

Heart, who always wants to live life to the fullest, often conflicts with Brain, who often wants to take the most responsible and rational path. Once in a blue moon, however, they come to work in unison and harmony – just like in real life!

On October 20th, Seluk will release this fun comic series in a book that you will be able to buy on Amazon. If you like his work, be sure to check it out!

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-96__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-97__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-109__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-140__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-141__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-2__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-10__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-23__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-25__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-27__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-35__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-39__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-44__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-45__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-67__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-68__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-76__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-86__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-87__700 heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-94__700




Source: BoredPanda


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