When the discussion of WarCraft is brought up in conversation with my mates it is usually followed by a few sighs….a lingering look at nothing in particular as your mind wonders back 13 years, and that the anger sets in when you realize that Blizzard is basically just lazy and should listen to everything we have to say. I mean we are the consumers and without us they won’t exist.

And then reality kick back in and you accept the fact that they probably won’t go bankrupt if I stop buying those extra packs of cards in HearthStone.

What has happen though is that Blizzard made all the Warcraft 3 models and assets available to use in the StarCraft 2 editor. And what they have done id crate an awesome WarCraft mod for Starcraft called Armies of Azeroth and it punches you right back to the nostalgic days where you can send an army of Orcs into the Human camps and not feel guilty watching them burn…

Of course, the decision set tongues wagging on the possibility that Blizzard may return to the Warcraft RTS series, which has lay dormant since the release of expansion The Frozen Throne in 2003.

Warcraft: Armies of Azeroth is a straight up remake of the classic Warcraft 3 experience, and strives to retain the original’s balance and graphical design.

While impressive, it’s not Warcraft 4, is it Blizzard?


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