I WANT THAAAT!!!!! – PowerUp FPV

Thanks to modern technology it is no longer simply what you do with your Science homework assignments or that memo annoying Angela left on your desk, reminding you to please stop putting little flags in your co-workers’ food proclaiming that you’ve conquered it in the name of “The All Powerful Fooda”….

Everyone remembers the first time you were taught to make a paper plane. Your whole world just opened up and you felt like the possibilities were endless….Well the plain old plane (see what I did there) is no more…

This gadget turns your paper plane into a VR controlled drone!!!!!!

From the creators that brought us PowerUp, and PowerUp 3.0 have come up with what I think is just the coolest thing EVER.

PowerUp’s newest creation isn’t just another motorized piece of paper. PowerUp has teamed with Parrot to create a paper airplane drone, fully equipped with its own motor and camera. By attaching a fully rotating wide-view camera to the top of the plane, PowerUp gives the ability to live stream in-flight video to the user’s smartphone. And what better way to experience this flight simulation than through VR? When the plane and it’s app are used in conjunction with Google Cardboard or any other smartphone-powered VR headset, you not only have the ability to view the video feed, you can also control the plane by moving your head. Or if looking around to control a drone makes you dizzy, you can always use the PowerUp’s in-app gamepad.

This project will kickoff on KickStarter in November and all I can say is, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!


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