In a submission by Matt Dixon himself on BoredPanda he explains the reason behind his awesome designs and paintings:

My name is Matt Dixon. I’m a busy freelance illustrator working in the games industry. When I’m not painting angry goblins or weird alien slugs, you might think that I’d like to get away from the computer but no. When it’s time to relax, nothing soothes my mind and calms my nerves like retreating into the world of my robots.

There’s something very restful about losing myself in these paintings. They’re rarely planned. When I’m in the mood, I just sit down and they just seem to happen. That’s partly why I named my first book collecting this artwork ‘Transmissions’ as the images ometimes feel as if they’ve been transmitted into my brain from somewhere else!

More rewarding than the painting process itself is experiencing the reaction that these paintings attract. Some of them conjure the most wonderful responses and emotions, often quite unlike that which I had planned. People often describe them as sad. I don’t really see them that way. Melancholy perhaps. Maybe they’re lost, but I see them trying to make sense of the quiet wonder around them. I think that’s something we can all relate to. A  campaign for a second collection of robot art is underway.

Paintings-of-lonely-robots-experiencing-the-quiet-wonder-of-the-world6__605 TheMysteryOfFlight__605 Totem__605 Transmissions__605 AnOffering__605 Paintings-of-lonely-robots-experiencing-the-quiet-wonder-of-the-world__605 Paintings-of-lonely-robots-experiencing-the-quiet-wonder-of-the-world1__605 Paintings-of-lonely-robots-experiencing-the-quiet-wonder-of-the-world2__605 Paintings-of-lonely-robots-experiencing-the-quiet-wonder-of-the-world3__605 Paintings-of-lonely-robots-experiencing-the-quiet-wonder-of-the-world4__605 Paintings-of-lonely-robots-experiencing-the-quiet-wonder-of-the-world5__605


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