If you’re after quirky concept car action, few places in the world can match the Tokyo Motor Show. From rotary-powered halo cars to cute custom Kei cars, it has something for everybody. Granted I am absolutely the last person you should call in ANY motor vehicle related situation, but I do like me a pretty design…

Therefor if you want to know about the horsepowers and torques….please visit any of the other sites available on the internet. For pretty pictures please stay right here and enjoy!

tokyo-motor-show-gallery-57 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-58 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-59 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-60 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-63 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-78 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-79 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-80 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-89 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-90 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-91 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-92 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-112 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-113 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-114 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-160 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-161 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-162 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-163

tokyo-motor-show-gallery-123 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-124 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-72 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-55 tokyo-motor-show-gallery-56




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