I WANT THAAAT!!!!! – BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch

Why didn’t I think of that???? A question almost all of us have said at one time or another. And this time I feel that I of all people should have seen this coming. As a “so called geek” that tries to stay on top of all things cool and who has been following the progress of Phonebloks and Google’s Project ARA for the past 2 years you would think that I would spot the next trend.

Anyway I am still very happy to report that someone has thought of this and I think it is just fantastic. A modular smartwatch….juuup!! A watch that you can customize according to your current or future needs or style. As I have previously also noted that I am still not 100% sure I see the need for them. Granted this was for VERY superficial reasons I do understand that they have the capacity to serve a purpose in the not-so-distant future.

Blocks has been showing off concepts and prototypes for a while. Now the company is getting ready to take your money. They have been creating this for the past 2 years and this looks like a clean, modern, well designed piece. With the core of the watch allowing you some basic and already useful functions like. Phone, Calender, Voice Commands, Heart Rate etc. The watch will run an operating system based on Android Lollipop, but it’s not Google’s Android Wear software.

So what about the modules? Blocks expects to produce modules that will add features including GPS, heart rate sensors, NFC for contactless payments, and batteries. The modules will be hot swappable, and since the modules basically make up the wrist strap, you’ll be able to fit around 4 or 5 on a watch.

Don’t need all those modules? You can just put a dummy module in an empty position so the watch doesn’t look funny.

Go and check out their website and their  Kickstarter Campaign and try not to contribute!! I dare you!!





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