I feel that it has been too long since I posted a cool artist and for that I apologize and I hope that my latest find will bring you the same joy it brings me to introduce you to him.

Ryan G. Browne is  NY based artist who specializes in bringing you all your zombie related needs. Recently branched out into the comic book world, doing some work for Aspen, Image and Inbein studios. Specializing in custom commission work. Superheroes, Zombies whatever you like, it can be done!

His work is amazing and almost all of his work is for sale so if you see what you like don’t hesitate to contact him on zombiepetz@gmail.com for commission pricing and information. For more of his work check out his website: ryanbrowne.storenvy.com

As always…also go and follow him on your favorite platform.

facebook, Twitter, Instagram, DeviantArt

12241223_1524770891173220_4068022566981318983_n 12243120_1524771007839875_2194704810031384738_n earthworm_20jim_400w lil_thor_zombie_by_rgbzombiepetz-d75cive screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4 screenshot5 screenshot6 2015-01-18_2021-02-39_400w 11201812_1515678845415758_5164249814313092100_n 11403137_1466841220299521_993189051807473584_n 11988423_1524771127839863_1961578473789320757_n 12227232_1524771117839864_6229262952803988641_n


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