You feel a shortness of breath, and the welling of tears in your eyes like someone just punched you in the gut, but then you hear the music swell and suddenly you remember why you are on the verge of sobbing uncontrollably on your couch… again. It’s because you decided that you just HAD to watch Up or Toy Story tonight. Pixar has done it again.

How dare they? They made you feel things.

Pixar has been Force-squeezing our hearts since 1986, and as it has already been proven they’ve done a pretty good job of it. From Toy Story to Wall-E to Up to last week’s release of The Good Dinosaur, the studio has combined cutting edge animation technology with creativity and storytelling abilities that are defining the movie-going experience for a generation of children and their ticket-purchasing parents. We identified with Andy’s struggle to let go of his toys. We felt Wall-E’s need to connect with another. We mourned Ellie alongside Carl after we were done throwing things at the screen in horror and anguish.

The video above is narrated by a clip from filmmaker Andrew Stanton‘s 2012 TED Talk on what makes a great story. It’s scored by what I consider some of the most moving instrumental themes in modern film, “Stuff We Did” by Michael Giacchino. I dare you to try and tell me that Up doesn’t make you sob like a baby. Dare you!

Please take a moment out of your busy holiday schedule and enjoy this short clip. Maybe it will inspire you to grab a film and watch it with someone you love.


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