I WANT THAAAT!!!!! – Parrot, DISCO

Parrot has wowed us with various drone designs in recent years, and the company keeps pushing the limits of what it can do with its UAV technology. At CES 2016, Parrot unveiled Disco, a new drone prototype that’s actually a full-blown fixed wing plane. On top of that, Disco is also smart, and should push the consumer drone market to a whole new level.

About 2.9 million drones are expected to sell this year, according to an estimate by the Consumer Technology Association. Forecasts suggest civilian drones could be a multibillion dollar market in a few years. And Parrot’s booth was one of many in a whole section of exhibits for drone companies at CES.


It has a wireless range of 2 kilometers. If it goes outside that range, it is smart enough to return on its own. It has built-in navigation that enables it to return to your location. When it returns, it can land in a linear way or circle in on a landing site.

To pilot the drone, you simply control the direction it flies, and the auto assist will keep the aircraft stable. The ultrasound sensor and camera on the bottom help keep the Disco stable, and it has a sensor in the nose that can slow it down if it goes too fast. The nose camera can take 14-megapixel images or record high-definition videos. You can record the video or stream it to another device.

“You can fly it to the ground yourself,” said Frederick Pirat, one of the designers of the drone, in an interview with VentureBeat. “Or it can land in a linear way or circle down.”




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