To hear watch without the word smart in front of it will soon be indicative of a heirloom description. Even luxury watch brands have embraced smartwatches with some exciting announcements having already been made this year and more set to come.

In 2015, we saw Apple finally take the plunge into the smartwatch market,Pebble hit us with not one but three new smartwatches in one year alone, and LG dive even further into the pool with yet another smarter offering. So what else do we have to look forward to? Well, there are plenty of devices left to keep an eye out for.

It seems 2015 was the year of intelligent wrist adornment and chances are, 2016 will continue the trend, so here are all the best smartwatches to look forward to in 2016. We have included devices that have been announced but are not yet available to buy, as well as a few rumoured timepieces for good measure.

Samsung SM-R150
It looks like Samsung might be working on its next-generation activity tracker if images revealed by Tizen Cafe and later republished by Sammobile are anything to go by. The device is said to be going by the name of Triathlon internally but known by the model number SM-R150 and it appears to look similar to the Gear S2 with a round face and rotating bezel.

Based on the leaked images, it looks like the SM-R150 will feature a heart-rate sensor, something to count workout repetitions, a way to track water intake and some kind of body fat measurement ability. There also seems to be a way to attach the device to your chest.


Huawei Watch Jewel and Elegant
Yes, we know the Huawei Watch has already been announced and is currently available to buy – here we are now referring to a couple of women’s models that have been announced at CES 2016. The Chinese manufacturer has teamed up with Swarovski to produce the Huawei Watch Jewel and Huawei WatchElegant.

The Jewel is all about the bling with crystals surrounding the face, while the Elegant model opts for a knurled pattern instead. Both models have genuine Italian leather straps in pearl white and sapphire blue and they both come with 40 pre-loaded faces like the original model, as well as a heart rate sensor and motion sensors for fitness tracking. You will find 10 exclusive feminine watch faces on the new models however. They will be available in March.

It has also been rumoured that the Chinese company has also started working on a second generation of the watch, which has been scheduled to arrive in the second half of the year. If this is the case, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it launch at IFA. The second-generation is rumoured to possibly offer a cellular version but take that with pinch of salt for now.

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Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10
Casio announced its first smartwatch at CES 2016 in the form of the Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10. It runs on Android Wear but it is a little more rugged than its competition with water-resistance up to 50 metres and MSL-STD-810 military compliance.

There is a 1.32-inch screen on board offering a resolution of 320 x 300 and a choice between monochrome and full-colour mode. The Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 comes complete with a pressure sensor, compass and accelerometer, with users able to check altitude, air pressure, tide graphs and activity, among other things.

The Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 comes in black, orange, red and army green colour options, will cost around $500 and will be available un the US in April.

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Razer Nabu Watch
This is a rather unique example of a smartwatch as it uses two screen and two battery power sources. Primarily it’s a watch, using a 12-month cell battery to power the clock, alarms, stopwatch and all the stuff you’d expect from a normal watch.

It has a second OLED display however, used for smart notifications from a connected iPhone or Android smartphone. This displays notifications for calls, texts, emails and app alerts as well as step and sleep tracking.

The Razer Nabu Watch will be available in late January for $150 or €180. The Razer Nabu Watch Forged Edition, which is made from more premium materials, is available now for $200 or €240.



Blocks, a modular smartwatch, is nearing the final stages of its Kickstarter campaign so we can expect the device to appear in the first half of 2016. Although the design still hasn’t reached final phase, the latest version is far more market ready than previous we have seen.

The company is working with Compal to produce the modular watch, which will feature a sleek round finish and single button. Thanks to reaching two Kickstarter goals, it will be offering Gorilla Glass protection and an AMOLED display rather than TFT.

The clasp has been redesigned, with the final model set to feature a pop and clip clasp that allows it to be resized to fit any wearer’s wrist. There will also be a bespoke OS on board that will launch with around 20 Blocks apps, along with more from partners.

Under the hood, it should offer the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, a 400mAh battery, an accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors for motion detection. Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, haptic feedback and voice controls will also be onboard. Unlike other watches, the modules will allow for upgrades to the basic design.

The first Blocks smartwatch units will begin shipping in May 2016. There are options to buy alone or with module units as part of a package and pricing starts at $195 on Kickstarter.

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LG Watch Urbane 2
LG’s second generation of its Watch Urbane offers a full range of wireless connections, including 4G and 3G meaning it will be able to make and receive calls, operating independently of your connected smartphone.

The LG Watch Urbane 2 expands the P-OLED display to 1.38-inches, 348ppi, and is powered by the standard Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset, with 768MB RAM. There’s 4GB of internal storage, should you wish to keep your music offline, and GPS for tracking your runs and so on.

The LG Watch Urbane second edition will be compatible with Android and iOS devices and it will be available in Space Black, Opal Blue, Luxe White andSignature Brown, which refers to the strap colour options.

LG says the watch should hit the UK in Q1 of 2016.

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