THE ARCADE HOTEL – The hotel for Gamers

There’s somebody for everybody, and as it turns out, there’s also some place for every interest. For gamers, that place — that Mecca, shall we say — has just opened its doors in the form of a gamer hotel that invites you to spend your entire day with a console in hand, staring at a screen. Aptly named the Arcade Hotel, this new residence in Amsterdam provides an alternative to all the incredible history, art, and culture that you could see by, you know, walking around the capital of the Netherlands. But if staying in is your idea of a great vacation (hey, no judgment), you may want to book your stay at the Arcade Hotel right now.

The hotel boasts a lobby that features shared game consoles, a comic book library, and all the other amenities you’d expect out of a lovely European residence. Gaming events, extra consoles, and drinks are all available in common spaces, but fret not — you’ll also be fully outfitted with gaming gear in each of the 36 rooms.

A retro console and games can be found in every guest space, and if you need a multiplayer setup, just go grab some more controllers from downstairs. And in the coming years, the hotel hopes to open up a dedicated gaming room (because your individual guest room just won’t do), as well as add another nine rooms to the edifice.




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