DRONE RACING LEAGUE – The racing of the future

The Drone Racing League is a new professional sports league dedicated to first person view (FPV) drone races. Pilots compete by flying their drones through elaborate courses while wearing special headsets that give them a real-time FPV feed from their drone.

The league has designed the DRL Racer 2 drone, capable of speeds up to 80mph and built with special radio technology that allows the drones to controlled across large courses that include tunnels and hallways. The identical drones also puts all pilots on equal ground in the league, meaning the competition is between the pilots and not their individual drones.

Armed with its own in-house media team, the Drone Racing League is now intent on taking things even further. Across a total of five events, pilots with names like Flyingbear, Spaztik, Kittycopter and Little A will race for their share of qualifying points. At the end of the racing season, those with the most points will advance to the winner takes all World Championship race.

The first event on February 22 will take place at NFL’s Sun Life Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins, while the second will be in an abandoned building in Los Angeles. Beyond that, the remaining locations and dates are yet to be confirmed.

You can check out the promotional video for the Drone Racing League below.


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