So if you are living in the US and A the only thing that is making news seems to be the upcoming elections, but even more then that…Donald Trump.

It’s no secret he has some pretty radical views on foreign and domestic policies and, that to be fair he is playing the game perfectly. Or at least he was. First off I would just like to say that I think the man is total moron and that if elected he would set America back 400 years.

So on one of the latest episodes of The Late show with Stephen Colbert he decided to moderate a very unique debate that actually featured Donald Trump, seeing as he dropped out of the final GOP debate because REASONS.

And as Stephen puts it…This debate is very evenly poised as Donald will be up against his greatest rival….Himself…

The all-Trump debate features intercut footage of Donald Trump’s various wildly contradictory statements over the years, and demonstrates just how much this guy has flip-flopped on his attitudes in order to win votes.

For all “non Trump fans” this was very nicely done. Hope y’all enjoy as much as I did..


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