HOVER JUNKERS – The VR Game I want to play Right Now..



With VR technology currently booming I stumbled upon this beaut on one of my favorite sites Tested. HoverJunkers is a multiplayer VR shooter and it look spectacular.

With you HTC Vive headset you get placed in a post apocalyptic world where you are on a hovercraft fighting other Hover Junkers. By picking up random scrap metals you can build up you vehicle in order to provide some much needed armour as well as cover from enemy fire.

What I like about this game design is that becuase you are “stuck in you hovercar” you don’t need an entire hall with lots of pillowy walls to stop you from hurting yourself when you are moving around, not only in the game but also in real life. You are confined to the hover car platform, and thus, limiting the space needed to move around. Making it possible to play in relative small living rooms.

There are also a couple of well designed maps that you will be battling in, junk shops to trade your goods etc…

This game looks like my next impulse buy, and I doubt that I will regret it. Check out the trailer and see if you agree. Also go and check out the HoverJunkers website for plenty more info..






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