Drop what you’re doing and watch this incredible stop-motion animated film called Battery Life. The film tells the story of a family of robots living in a desert dystopia who, after a tragedy, learn a dark secret being hidden by a robot zealot that is the leader of a nearby robot citadel.

The short was directed by Justin Nixon, who also wrote and animated the film on a budget of $5,000. He has created an incredible world here and he wonderfully developed some great characters to help tell his powerful story. This is seriously a must-watch impressively made film that is full of intrigue, drama, and action. Here’s the synopsis:

Battery Life is a stop motion short film that tells a story of determination, self-sacrifice, and deceit. Set in a dystopian desert landscape, a robot family, through the test of tragedy, discovers a dark secret hidden behind the doctrine of a preacher.

Battery Life is our introduction. A film to say, “Here we are.” We are a team of people willing and able to work hard for something we believe in, something we think is really cool. And we did just that. On a budget of only $5000 (crowdfunded and out of pocket), we created this ten minute, thirty-five second stop motion film.




Source: GeekTyrent


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