I WANT THAAAT!!!!! – Lazareth LM 847

So I think it is fair to say I am not the biggest Motorcycle or Car guy around. I can’t tell you the difference between the new engine in the Ferrari or the special thing-a-ma-bob in the new Maserati. What I can appreciate though is the way they look. The design. The simple angles and curves that make it just look spectacular.

With this in mind I really liked the look of the Lazareth LM 847…(and by the way,what happened to nice short names)… Probably because it not “conventional”. It is basically what I think “insanity” looks like……. Okay, so this is the place where I had to google some specs….

The Lazareth is a motorbike built around a Maserati V8 engine.
“Lazareth started with a 4.7-liter V8 – the kind you used to find the Quattroporte or Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione before Maserati started downsizing and bolting on turbos. It produces 470 horsepower and 457 pound-feet of torque, channeled through a single-speed hydraulic coupling in place of a multi-gear transmission.”

Hope that made sense….now here are the pictures!!!!




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