The phrase “micro-unit” conjures up all sorts of lifestyle tradeoffs, like Murphy beds, mini-fridges, and toilets in the shower. This tasteful space has a bed that stays put, a full-sized kitchen, and room for a bathtub (!), all in an area that’s a little over 300 square feet.

LAAB Architects designed the “Small Home Smart Home” for a Hong Kong couple who were determined to live in the densest, most expensive part of the city. However, they also wanted the following amenities: full kitchen, bathtub, home cinema, gym, and, most critically, “cat-friendly spaces.”

Micro-units are critical to housing more people in ever-crowding cities—we recently toured one in New York City that was 302 square feet—and it’s great to see all these inspiring examples in the small space. But the real problem, at least in American cities, is that most zoning codes still do not allow apartments of this size. If the US wants to get serious about solving its housing problems, it needs to think small.




Via: Gizmodo


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