So this guy is basically an enigma wrapped in an onion…
I Googled his name and found his ArtStation Page…selfishly copied all the pics on the first page…en then realized that was all he has online at the moment..

So I apologize in advance for not just giving you a teaser but showing him all he has…
Nevertheless hope you enjoy this as much as I did…

kylin-li-eye-of-the-timekylin-li-holy-light-forsakenkylin-li-inflammation-of-the-magickylin-li-jkjkjkjkylin-li-orckylin-li-strikekylin-li-tearkylin-li-warriorkylin-li- (1)kylin-li- (2)kylin-li- (3)kylin-li- (4)kylin-li- (5)kylin-li-kylin-li-1kylin-li-dragon



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