Found this on GeekTyrant and it was too good not to share:

I’ve got an awesomely entertaining short film for you to play with today called Help. It tells the fun and crazy story of an alien who crash lands in Los Angeles during a meteor shower and wrecks havoc on the city.

The short was directed by Fast and Furious director Justin Lin. One of the coolest things about this short is that it’s told in a 360-degree environment and you can look around at what is going on in the story by moving your cursor on the video player.

Our first live action story takes place in the middle of downtown Los Angeles, where a meteor shower has left a deep scar on the streets of Chinatown. Panic, fear and an alien sends a young woman scrambling to escape.

I on;y have one problem with this video….you have to watch it 10 times to see stuff you might have missed while looking around the whole time…



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