RYDACOM AMAZING ARTIST: Dutch Artist Spent 2 & A Half Years Painting This Masterpiece

Back in 2012, the 29-year-old Dutch artist Thijme Termaat took the internet by storm with a time-lapse of his masterpiece. It took him 2.5 years of hard work before he finished. He created a film that shows him painting this true work of art. These are in fact over a thousand complied photos.

He carefully positioned himself between the canvas and the camera which created an optical illusion in the film. If you look closely you do not actually see him paint. He only holds the brush in front of the painting. This creates the effect of him painting strokes.

Thijme calls his style of painting magical and realistic with a lot of transitions between day and night. This tends to suit him since he is a bit of a dreamer himself. This style is reflected beautifully in his artwork of which you will find a selection below. His work has been called ‘inspirational’ and ‘motivational’.

It lets you enter a new world with endless possibilities. To leave people staggered after observing his work is one of the magical aspects which he loves about his work. Especially when it comes to the video, which Thijme called ‘I Paint

For more information visit his Facebook or have a look at his website



Source: TheSpiritScience


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